Not Grandma’s Glass

A virtual glass show by Caterina Urrata Weintraub presented by Habatat Gallery for “Not Grandma’s Glass”. What is “Not Grandma’s Glass”? A year-long glass competition hosted by Habatat Gallery featuring 12 artists who have pushed beyond the norm of the contemporary art world.

All work shown is available, please contact the gallery for inquiries.

“Mouse Play”

flameworked & blown glass & ribbon, 2021

dimensions variable depending on arrangement, balloon: 12″x9.5″x9.5″, mice: each aprox. 4-4.5″ long

“Dilly Dally” (orange & yellow)

flameworked and blown glass, 2021

Yellow: 16″ tall, 12″ length, 12″ width Orange:14″ tall, 8″ length, 8″ width

(dimensions do not include separate spheres)

“Party of Five” (pastel)

flameworked & cast glass on metal base, 8″ tall, 7″ length, 5″ width


flameworked & cast glass on metal base, 2021, 14″ tall, 16″ length, 6.5 width

Fragile Finger Monsters disPlaythings Set #2

for Habatat Limited Series

flameworked and cast glass, 2020-2021

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